CIF H.264 Thermal IP Camera
GV-TM0100 is an outdoor thermal IP camera capable of producing black-and-white images based on the detected temperature of the people, vehicles and environment. Unlike traditional cameras that rely on visible light, GV-TM0100 is unaffected by the lighting conditions and allows you to detect movements even in complete darkness and backlit scenes.

Ideal for border surveillance and sparsely populated areas, GV-TM0100 can detect human-sized targets at a distance of 1450 m (4757 ft) and vehicles at 1850 m (6070 ft).

GV-TM0100 can be easily configured through its Web interface and you can record and play back recordings using the GV-VMS software included in the standard package.


Model GV-TM0100
Iris N/A
Focal Length (mm) 40mm
Horizontal FOV 13.7°
Maximum Aperture N/A
Image Format Uncooled FPA micro bolometer

$3,400.00 Inc GST

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