2MP H.264 Camera Access Controller with a built-in Reader

GV‐CS1320 is an access controller with a built‐in 2 MP camera and 13.56 MHz reader.

GV‐CS1320 recognizes identification cards and grants access to up to 100,000 users accordingly. With the integration of the wide angle camera, the Card and Face Mode enables GV‐CS1320 to perform face detection together with card verification before access can be granted.
Visitors requesting entry permits can use the touch pad to be granted access. There are 3 types of notifications the operators can receive to grant access.

GV‐ASNotify Program:
When GV‐CS1320 is connected to GV‐ASManager over the network, GV‐ASNotify generates a notification message and snapshot whenever the touch pad is activated. The operator can use GV‐ASNotify to watch live view and communicate with the surveillance site via the microphone and speaker functions.

GV‐Access Mobile App:
Similarly, the operator can launch mobile app GV‐Access to enable live view and voice communication with visitors at the door before permitting entry. After adding GV‐ASManager to GV‐Access, the operator will get an alert notification upon the trigger of the touch pad.

VoIP Calls:
When the touch pad is activated, GV‐CS1320 will place a call to the operator through the Internet using VoIP. The operator can then communicate with the visitor and enter the access code to open the door.
The all‐in‐one solution eliminates the need of installing and maintaining a separate camera in addition to the card reader and a door entry system.

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